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When it comes to IT and Computers it would be nice if were happy bunnies all the time but the reality is computers can be very frustrating.


In the daily office environment this can lead to low levels of production and efficiency. Many offices do not use the latest software products which leave themselves exposed to losing hours of work, problems printing or scanning or worse yet, having no disaster recovery plan in event of flooding, fire, theft, sabotage, no file or system backups, equipment not connected to clean battery power can mean your business goes out of business!


People who work or use computers at home for leisure are susceptible to many of the same challenges of keeping files/photos/music etc. from being lost. At Weldon IT Solutions we only recommend the most economical solution to fit a particular business need. We understand savings have to be made but there is also times when you need to invest in newer systems (older computer systems like XP can cost more to support) It’s a balancing act but we will help you purchase computer solutions and cost effective technologies to meet your business needs.


Small office and Home users with no it support and tight budgets could for example invest in office 365 (from £10 a month) so everyone has access to up to date software but only pay a low cost monthly fee which has the added benefit of accessing documents from anywhere and automatic backup to the cloud.
Weldon IT Solutions operate “pay as you go” support, fixed monthly fee support contracts and adhoc support.


Home user support contracts are available from £10/month.















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